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India's oldest and one of the largest active crypto communities since 2017

As per Chainalysis' 2023 crypto adoption index, India leads in cryptocurrency adoption, boasting a 50% majority in the number of crypto users. This establishes India as the most significant potential market for cryptocurrencies.

Worldwide cryptocurrency users are 420 million

India is home to 206 million cryptocurrency users.

The United States is home to a substantial 46 million cryptocurrency users

About Us

Crypto Players stands as one of the pioneering and most extensive cryptocurrency communities in India, established in early 2017. We comprise a community of over 15,000 Telegram members, and our numbers continue to grow steadily.

Established in the early months of 2017, right on the cusp of the Bitcoin bull run...

  • Official community partner for Blocto, HyperPay, GameStarter, Dark Frontiers, JOJO, and Cheersland.
  • Worked with hundreds of projects and built an engaged community of crypto enthusiasts.
  • Our network includes cryptocurrency experts, technical analysts, and prominent figures from the crypto space.
  • We stay current with crypto trends, continuously enhancing our experience and expertise in the field.

Our Services

At Crypto Players, we have been at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution since 2017, pioneering innovative marketing strategies tailored specifically for the digital currency landscape.

Community Growth

Building a strong community is crucial in the crypto world. We ensure your project gains traction and support from enthusiastic followers and investors.

AMA Sessions

We organize AMA sessions in text and voice formats, offering the community valuable project insights, contributing to a wider project reach.

Content Creation

Compelling content is key to capturing attention. From informative graphical posts to videos, we create informative and engaging contents.

Influencer Partnerships

We connect you with influential figures in the crypto community, ensuring your project reaches a wider audience.

Brand Promotion

Implementing focused marketing through pinned posts on Telegram and Twitter, ensuring effective outreach and high visibility for our messages.

Our Portfolio

We are pleased with the broad spectrum of cryptocurrency projects in our portfolio.

Project Overviews

Our overviews provide insights into the initial ideation and conceptualization phases.


Confidential multi-swap dex powered by Oasis.


Celestia is a modular data availability network.


A Layer 1 blockchain.

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